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World Esports Racing Community

WERX 2020 season will have 3 series’ champions: European, Northern European and International. There is only ONE World Champion at the end of the season. Winners of the series might be invited to WERC Race Of Champions (WEROC).

Time of the races will be defined after sign up period.

General Information

***All this info can be find in the Rulebook of the championship.

The WERX Championship consists in:
– 9 rounds with 3 phases each one: Heats, Semifinals & Final.
– 2 categories/division: 2019 Supercars [WERX 1 & WERX 2].
– Every round will be on Saturdays/Sundays at TBD.
– Standings will be available in WERC website 48-72h after the end of every round.
– It is a separate championship per platform (PS4, PC and XB1*).
*depends on the number of drivers.

Rallycross format:
– 4 Qualifying heats per round, each in separate lobbies. The first Qualifier will contain a randomized grid. The remaining Qualifiers’ grids will be based on the results of the preceding Qualifier.
– 2 Semi-Finals. The best 12 drivers from qualifying heats move to Semi-Finals. Drivers in even positions in qualifying will compete in Semi-Final 1 and odd positions in Semi-Final 2. Best 3 drivers of each move to the Final. Custom grid based on qualifying results (real format).
– Track conditions with varying weather conditions. Weather conditions extracted from weather forecast a few days before every event.
– Final. Custom grid based on Semi-Finals results (real format).

Team Championship

The WERX Championship allows the registration of official teams.

Team Requirements
The following are the rules which all teams have to follow:

Article 1.7.1 – A Team entry consists of 2 cars and Drivers per division.

Article 1.7.2 – All drivers of the same team MUST choose the SAME car within the same division.

Pre-season race:

Prior the start of the season a race will be run to check that everything works and drivers know the rules.

Race Protocol:

Apart from in-game penalties, stewards (see section 5.3) will review drivers enquiries and apply after race penalties if they deem appropriate.

Article 5.1.1 – List of actions that will be punished apart from in game penalties and the abovementioned in this document:
– Not telling the coordinator on discord if a participant may not take part in race a few days advance.
– Being not clean.
– Not giving others always enough room or force them off track.
– Dangerous manoeuvres when either overtaking another driver or defending your position.
– Off track overtake and pushing a driver out of the track to overtake. If the driver gains a position he/she have to give it back as soon as possible.
– Crash entering/exiting the joker. Driver taking the joker is the first responsible if there is a collision.
– Cutting corners or running wide outside the white lines. Two wheels must be always inside track limits (track limits include kerbs).
– Unsafe return to track in case of spin or crash.
– Not giving enough room when you are lapped.
– You are responsible of car’s action always even if your game is paused.

Article 5.1.2 – Joining WERC Discord server is mandatory for all participants. All drivers have to be present 15 minutes before the start of the round in “general” voice channel. They will be moved into “Livestreams” after that.

Article 5.1.3 – Overreacting after an incident, shouting, name-calling and speaking rudely is unacceptable. If a driver does something against the rules, report it after the race.

Connectivity failures:

It may happen that there are connectivity failures at some point. We are not responsible and that may affect the dates of the championship, being these modified with prior notice to the users.

Article 5.2.1 – Drivers must have a stable internet connection with a ping lower than 100ms. If drivers connection is causing issues to other participants, WERC could remove the driver from the championship. Test the speed of your connection on Speedtest and share it on Discord #werx-speedtest.

Article 5.2.2 – Drivers can rejoin the lobby if they were disconnected, only once and the round might be restarted and it depends on WERC criteria.

Article 5.2.3 – In case of green light bug coordinators will decide if the race needs to be restarted or not.

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